Nanjing, China. 8th International Symposium for Railroad Universities in Europe and Asia was held in Nanjing Institute of Railway Technologies.

Among the topics, discussed at the Symposium, were development of transport corridors and related technologies, Europe-Asia partnership. It was mentioned by all reporters, that new technologies require constant renovation of transport education system. Therefore training of world-class experts, especially for high-speed railways, was the key topic of the Symposium.

198 people of 77 delegations from 8 countries – members of the International Association of Transport Universities in Asia-Pacific Countries – took part in the Symposium.

Russian delegation was lead by Igor Mitsuk, the deputy head of the Russian Federation Federal Agency for Railway Transport.

During the Symposium the General meeting of the IASTU APC members summed up the activity of the Association and its committees, discussed proposals for Association’s Charter modification and new applications for membership in the Association.

Being aware of a common nature of issues and a necessity of joining efforts of higher education institutions, research institutions of  transport field, and of any other organizations concerned, the General meeting of the 8th International Symposium participants and IASTU APC members have agreed on the following: to develop the activities of the Association’s committees; to assist the collaboration between all participants of the Symposium, IASTU APC members and other transport related education and research organizations and institutions. Rector of Dalian Jiaotong University (China) Mr. Li Xuewei became the new president of the IASTU APC.

Due to the constant growth of the IASTU APC which now consists of 24 universities, Association’s Council is also enlarged. The former Council included only president and vice-president. New council has 3 vice-presidents: president of Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology (China) Qian Jikui, president of Korea National University of Transport (the Republic of Korea) Kim Young Ho and rector of Far Eastern State Transport University (Russia) Iurii Davydov. Former president of the Association Boris Dynkin became the honorary president of the IASTU APC.

According to the decision of the General meeting of the IASTU APC, development of the education programs unified database within Network University of Transport and Logistics in Asia-Pacific Region will be continued.

The IASTU APC now has several new members: Center for High-Speed Railway Technology, Tsinghua University (China); Shandong Jiaotong University (China); Xi’an Railway Vocational & Technical Institute (China); Shijiazhuang Institute of Railway Technology (China); Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College (China); Hunan Vocational College of Railway Technology (China).

9th International Symposium for Railroad Universities in Europe and Asia as well as the next General meeting of the IASTU APC members will be held by Ural State Transport University (Russia) in April-May 2016. Backup venue for the next symposium is Samara State Transport University (Russia).

The participants of the symposium took a technical tour to the Shanghai-Nanjing High-speed Railway Line Operation Institute and to the Nanjing South Railway Station.

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