Seoul hosted the 6th International Symposium for Railroad Universities in Europe and Asia

On April 10-12, 2013 Korea National University of Transportation hosted the 6th International Symposium for Railroad Universities in Europe & Asia, and the General meeting of IASTU APC members.

The agenda of the Symposium included the General Meeting of the members of the International Association of Transport Universities of the Asian-Pacific Countries (IASTU APC) headed by the Rector of FESTU Boris E. Dynkin. Researchers of FESTU actively participate in scientific projects within the frameworks of the Association. This time specialists from FESTU presented two reports in English in Seoul. The first report – “Research, control and improvement of longitudinal dynamics of freight trains in the Russian railways” – was presented by the Senior Lecturer of the Department of Electric Rolling Stock, Maxim Y. Keyno. The second report – “The System of training specialists for the transport industry in the Russian Far East” – was presented by the Head of the Department of Systems for Automated Modeling Yulia V. Ponomarchuk, Candidate of Science (Technology) (by the way, she has a profound knowledge of the Korean language which turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the Korean participants of the Symposium).

The first discussions of the joint projects of transport universities in Europe and Asia took place 6 years ago – in 2007 at the Korean National Railway College. It was then when problems were raised about the globalization of the world transport network, simplification of the routes, optimization of financial and temporal expenses for transportation of freights and passengers, etc. The establishment of the International Association of Transport Universities of the Asia Pacific Region in 2009 on the initiative of FESTU (which hosted the Symposium then) was quite a logical step.

The participants of the Symposium in Seoul noted the high level of representation – heads of all major governmental agencies of the Republic of Korea took part in the work of the Seoul Symposium. The participants were welcomed by the Vice Minister of Education of the Republic of Korea Na Seung Il, the Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea Hyungkoo Yeo, the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Education, Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee Hak Yong Shin, the Chairman of the Korean Council for Higher Education Suh Geosuk, the Vice Minister for Transport of the Russian Federation Alexey S. Tsydenov, and the President of IASTU APC Boris E. Dynkin.

The Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Korea Na Seung Il highly appreciated the role of the Association and suggested expanding its scope to include Korean Universities with transport special subjects including machine building educational establishments which train specialists for major Korean companies. The Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea Hyungkoo Yeo assessed the significant role of the Association in the development of transport corridors and its contribution to the interaction among the transport systems of different countries.

The speech of the deputy minister of transport of the RF Alexey S. Tsydenov informed the participants of the prospects of development of railway transport in the Far Eastern region.

The General Meeting of the members of the IASTU APC in Seoul resulted in signing the Agreement on partnership within the Frameworks of the Network University and considered proposals for the realization of educational programs within the frameworks of the Network University. The issue of formation of the united educational sphere among the IASTU APC member-universities remains very urgent. Everybody understands the advantages of the situation when students have an opportunity to study at partner-universities undergo training courses abroad and choose an educational program they would like to study.

The General Meeting admitted new IASTU APC member-universities: the Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport (the Ukraine), the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (Uzbekistan), the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute (the Ukraine) and the Kazakh Railway University (Kazakhstan).

According to the President of IASTU APC Boris E. Dynkin, transport universities nowadays not only accomplish their proper educational goals but also resolve the problems at the national level.

One of such problems is conducting research for different agencies. Representatives of science and governmental authorities cannot but work in close cooperation with each other as the resolution of transport problems help resolve a considerable number of other economic issues.

The state of transport corridors between Asia and Europe is of great importance nowadays which is a significant issue of international cooperation. Events like the Symposium of Railway Universities in Europe and Asia are aimed at the resolution of these issues.

In order to maintain the successful work of the permanent committees at the IASTU APC the following universities were elected executive coordinators for the Committees: the Committee for educational and scientific activities – Far East State Transport University (Russia); the Committee for high speed running – the Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport (the Ukraine); the Committee for geotechnical research – the Irkutsk State University of Railway Transport (Russia). The coordinator of the Committee for Logistics and Development of the Euro-Asian transport corridors will be assigned as a matter of routine procedure.

The Meeting also adopted a decision to establish a new permanent Committee at the IASTU APC – the Committee for Energy Conservation and Efficiency. The Omsk State Transport University was assigned to be the executive coordinator of the Committee.

The major purpose of the Committees is to unite the research and educational potentials of the Association member-universities that have experience and conduct work in specific fields. The Committees are also aimed at uniting the universities interested in participation in working out of the research fields and cooperation projects in the sphere of science and education; in exchange of experience; in organization of joint scientific research; in organization of seminars, symposia, refresher or extension courses and trainings; and in joint elaboration and industrial realization of the projects.

A technical tour to Pusan was of great interest for the participants of the Symposium. The tour included an excursion to the Hyundai Rotem high-speed trains manufacturing depot which is one of the largest in the world and the only factory which simultaneously produces engines, control systems and signaling systems. Hyundai Rotem is fourth in the world rating of the manufacturers of high-speed trains.

The Symposium has also considered the issues of developing and maintaining cooperation among all its participants.

The 7th International Symposium of Railway Universities in Europe and Asia and the next regular Meeting of the IASTU APC members will be hosted by Dalian Transport University (People’s Republic of China) in 2014.










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