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Aims and goals

Main Objectives

The Association’s main objectives are the consolidation of the efforts of its members in working out directions and projects of cooperation in the field of science and education in the sphere of transportation, meeting current requirements of the world community, specific countries and regions, and the creation and realization of intellectual products and services providing training and retraining of personnel.


The primary goals of the Association are:

  • establishment of constructive, friendly cooperative relations between all participants in the areas of education, science and academic exchange;
  • creation of conditions for the development of links between members of the Association, realization of educational programs for training of experts, and programs of improvement of professional skills, and research work;
  • joint working out and realization of scientific projects according to the latest know-how, thereby promoting trade and economic cooperation between member countries;
  • joint holding of scientific seminars, conferences, forums, and practical courses on subjects of interest to members;
  • establishment and development of contacts with related international and national organizations in other countries;
  • exchange of delegations and experts, operational experience and information, and signing contracts on cooperation and joint activity between participants;
  • rendering assistance to members of the Association in obtaining and interchanging information in the fields of organization, content and teaching techniques, means of training, and educational technologies;
  • interaction and coordination of the activity of universities for the unification of transport terminology;
  • conducting of further Symposia for transport universities of APC;
  • organizing courses for improvement of qualification of teachers, transport workers, and also schools and seminars on exchange of experience;
  • realization  of other  activity  which  is  necessary  for  the  achievement  of  the objectives of the Association, which has not been prohibited by current international legislation.



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