The 7th International Symposium for Railway Universities in Europe and Asia is finished

May 14th 2014, Dalian.  The last day of the 7th International Symposium for Railway Universities hosted by the Dalian Jiaotong University. The Symposium gathered together 11 IASTU APC member universities, 3 universities as guest participants and managers of the major railway companies of People’s Republic of China.

The opening ceremony of the 7th IASTU APC started with greeting speeches of the Chinese hosts: Qian Zhengyu – Deputy Director of the research department of the “Chinese Railways” company, Chen Lanhua – Deputy Director of the Administration of the PRC National Railways, Li Xuewei – Rector of the Dalian Jiaotong University, Zhang Yuan – Head of the Department for Education of the Liaoning Province and Miao Hui – Director of Department of Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

Greeting speeches of the Russian party were delivered by the Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Railway transport (RosZhelDor) Igor Mitsuk and the President of the IASTU APC, Rector of FESTU Boris Dynkin.

Transport corridors, heavy haul and high-speed trains were the major working trends of the Symposium. These themes were represented in a number of reports among which:  “The Pervasive Safety Theory and Training System for High-speed Railway ” (Li  Xuewei, Dalian Transport University), “Role and Capabilities of the New Transport Corridor Japan-Russia-EU” (А.S. Balalaev, FESTU); “China Railway Truck Technology and Development” (Yu Yuebin, Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Company), “The new Solution to The Branch Railway – Hybrid EMU” (Zhao Minghua,  Changchun Railway Vehicles Company), “Heavy Train Distributed Traction Operation System”  (Y.А. Davydov, FESTU); “Supports for Transportation Infrastructure by Significant Efforts in Development of Construction Technology and Equipments”  (Wang Yuesen,  Shijiazhuang Tiedao University), “Data for Geotechnical Research of a Railway Infrastructure” (A.P. Khomenko, Irkutsk State Transport University), “Data Simulation and High Speed and Heavy Load Vehicles Innovation Design” (Zhao Wenzhong, Dalian Jiaotong University),  “Central Asian Transport Corridors and Prospects of Uzbekistan’s Further Integration to the Global International Network” (М. Мirakhmedov, Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, Uzbekistan). Rector of the Korea National University of Transportation Kim Young Ho touched upon the issue of development of the new transport corridor including the railways across the territory of the Korean People’s Democratic Republic. Reports were also presented by the researchers of the Omsk State Transport University and the Siberian Transport University.

Regular Meeting of the IASTU APC was held within the frameworks of the Symposium. The Meeting was chaired by Boris Dynkin, the President of the IASTU APC, Rector of the FESTU.

After a general consideration the Nanking Institute for Railway Technologies was elected the coordinator of the Committee for Logistics and Development of the Euro-Asian Transport Corridor in order to maintain successful work of the IASTU permanent committees.

IASTU has also adopted an important decision to establish a new permanent Committee for training personnel for high speed railways in Europe and Asia. Dalian Transport University was appointed the Coordinator of the newly established Committee.

IASTU APC has also considered and approved the suggestions for further development of the integrated data bank of educational programs which will promote successful work of the Network University of Transport and Logistics.

IASTU APC has considered and preliminary approved the admission of the Samara State Transport University (Russian Federation) as a member of the Association.

In accordance with the resolved tasks IASTU APC has planned several technological tours: to the enterprise of innovative production at Dalian Transport University, Railway Rolling Stock Factory in Lushun and to the High Speed Train Depot in Dalian.

On the final working day of the Symposium, the participants laid the wreath at the military cemetery at Port Arthur (Lushun) where Russian soldiers and officers K.I.A. during the WWI and WWII are buried.

The 7th International Symposium of the Railway Universities and the General Meeting of the IASTU APC resulted in decision to develop and maintain cooperation among all the participants of the Symposium, IASTU member universities within the frameworks of the permanent Committees of the Association.

The Nanjing Institute for Railway Technologies has been preliminary appointed as the host for the 8th International Symposium for Railway Universities in Europe and Asia and the General Meeting of the IASTU APC in May 2015.

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