10 International Symposium for Railroad Universities in Europe and Asia is set for October 31  November 4, 2017

  • Time and Place


Venue: Seoul

Arrival and Registration: October 31, 2017

Symposium and General Meeting: November 1 ~ 3, 2017


  • Main contents of the symposium:


Theme: The Euro-Asian Transportation & Logistics System for the Fourth Industrial



Session topics


Session 1: Current status and challenges of transportation and logistics in Eurasia

Session 2: The status of mobility 4.0 transportation technology

Session 3: Research and development for future transportation and logistics system

Session 4: Cooperative work plans for the training of transportation and logistics experts


  • General Meeting of IASTU-APC


1) Summaries of IASTU-APC

2) Admission of new members

3) Suggestions to improve inter-university cooperation

4) Determination of host university for the next symposium

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